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World Nuclear Forum 193 

Public safety and security in the fields of Nuclear and Radiology by truth, clear and unbiased information

Dozens of Nuclear and Radiological senior scientists and key personnel from the fields of security, medicine, agriculture, industry
analyze the information and make it accessible in a simple, understandable language to everyone. No interests except yours!

Who we are

The World Nuclear Forum 193 is a forum of about 270 scientists and senior representatives in the fields of nuclear and radiology. About 45 forum members from Israel plus 225 scientists from 31 different countries including Canada, USA, Germany, Malaysia, India, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Ukraine, Finland and more. Each forum member is an expert in the field of nuclear and radiology and comes from various disciplines: academia, industry, establishment, research institutes, security, equipment, with real experience in nuclear incidents, hospitals and more.

Our Vision
World Nuclear Forum, WNF-193 

Public safety and security in the fields of Nuclear and Radiology by truth, clear and unbiased information

To be a stable, well-developed, comprehensive, and quick-responding platform that contributes to each and every participant worldwide

1.    Spearheading knowledge and making quality decisions – the forum is a world meeting point with diversity of opinions and fields of expertise. This global Nuclear & Radiology forum, enables highest-quality, most correct decisions to be made worldwide. This will enable – during times of crisis – an optimal concentration of expertise and know-how, in a swift and coordinated effort to resolve the crisis at hand. 

2.    Openness and acceptance of 'the other' – Anyone engaged in relevant nuclear and radiology fields is welcome to join. This includes members who currently hold formal or informal positions, academic, students, self-employed, retirees, national and international organizations, institutions and bodies etc. The key determining criteria are their desire and ability to learn, share and contribute knowledge for the sake of advancing the world, making sound decisions, and ensuring worldwide safety and security. 

3.    Stability, neutrality, equality – Participants are equal in their opinions, needs, and desires and are encouraged to express their ideas freely and publicly. The forum is not political in any way and does not take any side in any conflict or opinion or position. The forum is neutral in every sense and its purpose is to enrich you and the members of the community with information in the fields of nuclear and radiology.

4.    Synergy – Mutual sharing of personal knowledge for the expansion and enrichment of world knowledge – each participant will gain from the shared information and, in return, will contribute facts, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and dilemmas for discussion to enrich others. All will give and receive feedback from a global perspective so as to expand upon existing knowledge and contribute to self and others. 

5.    Developing – each participant will reach out to representatives colleagues and stakeholders from countries around the world to complete a 100% network of 193 + 2 countries, including countries that are not at the forefront of information access.

Our Services

Our Services

Be prepared, be at the forefront

In-depth Issues Analysis


In-depth analysis and discussion of professional issues such as dirty bomb, HEMP, reactor safety, hospital radiation risks and incident assessments, threat levels and realization of countries or terrorist organizations to use nuclear weapons and more.

Emergency Preparedness Plan for your organization


Initial, concise planning so that your organization is not caught totally unprepared during a nuclear or radiological incident such as Transport of radioactive materials, Theft of materials, Dirty Bombs or God forbid a nuclear explosion.

Position Papers


Writing position papers on selected nuclear and radiology topics

In-house Tutorials


Super-professional tutorials on the client site and distance learning.

legislation & Regulations


Treatment of legislation / hour regulations / instructions and state guidelines and their adaptation to the general public, including access to public information to prevent public opposition Nuclear Power reactors (NPPs).

Nuclear Risk Assessment

RAS - 102

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Public Opinion and Nuclear Acceptance


Positive persuasion and public awareness of the huge benefits of nuclear power.

Nuclear is good


Interactive Newsletter


Professional Nuclear & Radiology information from around the globe - Your platform for global reference.

what are we doing?

In-depth discussions on selected topics, writing position papers, publishing professional opinions, conducting public lectures, promoting research, information analysts, publish newsletter and more.

Nuclear is good
Nuclear is safe

Nuclear is effective

You just have to understand it

Nuclear is found in almost every area of ​​our lives - medicine, nutrition, food, safety, research and even low-level radiation is healthy.

Anything you don't understand is Scary - The problem with radiation is that you don't see it, you don't hear it and you don't feel it - which is why it is so easy to scare people without professional knowledge. It is very easy to be intimidated by pictures and stories of nuclear damage - the same can be done with car accidents, aircraft accidents, fires and war.

This is exactly where the WNF-193 comes into the picture - We study, research, ask the hard questions and only then draw conclusions without interests to submit the conclusions simply and clearly.

In terms of numbers - nuclear energy is the safest, cheapest, most stable and most reliable - but, yes, you must understand it and know the truth. Those who check the numbers learn that the nuclear leads in almost every parameter you check - and we check.

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