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Nuclear & Radiological
Emergency Preparedness Plan
for your organization


Why every organization needs a plan?
Radioactive materials are used by hundreds of state-of-the-art entities from hospitals, universities, research institutes, factories, laboratories and more. Most people are unaware of the fact that radioactive substances are being passed around them every day, This is why they are complacent. 


Research proves that the reason for the huge damage loss of life and loss of leadership control in the incidents was due to a LACK of a basic Emergency Preparedness Plan and NOT due to the radioactive problem.


To date more than 2,200 incidents have occurred In the world in almost every country and the average is about 2.5 incidents per month!

N&R-EPP-107 Principles, Strengths and Benefits
The condensed report is about 30 pages long (and not 700 pages like the many emergency books available today) giving basic assumptions, scenarios, macro guidelines, concepts, operating arrangements and protocols. The strength in this concise and powerful report is that from which every department, every person in the hierarchy can derive meaning, internal arrangements, procedures for him and his people. This is critical in emergencies - the traffic jams of waiting to make decisions from above are released. Everyone acts like a symphony and orchestra with endless musical instruments by one conductor - The Central Decision-Making Group  (CDMG) a small team of professional center group consisting of the officials related to the event. CDMG is cohesive, trained and practiced n making quick but complex decisions. The surprise factor is much more limited thus leading to good results  because the N&R-EPP document was prepared in advance and not during crisis. The amount of changes to the guidelines is dramatically down, making it easier for the systems to operate.
In summary, the N&R-EPP is a key emergency management machine which inevitably leads to proper emergency management.


Managers are not always concerned about the nuclear issue for the following wrong reasons:
1. It won't happen to me
2. Huge investments
3. When needed, "someone" will take care of the situation
4. are not instructed to prepare

Just like Corona, Fukushima, Chernobyl and many other cases

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