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Why join
World Nuclear Forum 193?

We help the general public while contributing to the expansion of our knowledge


We are independent, unaffected by interests - nuclear and radiology issues are unique areas that are dramatically shaped by interests. When you want to get independent position paper we are the right choice for you.


We are multidisciplinary - forum members come from all fields of nuclear and radiology. From security, policy, medicine, agriculture, research, academia, warfare. When we research a professional subject the look is multi-directional. In the forum, every opinion from the most routine to the strange and groundbreaking is legitimate and deeply debated until there is consensus and refinement as required.


We are global - different issues have progressed at different rates in different countries. The 70 members of the forum come from senior positions in 25 different countries. When there is an in-depth discussion, lecture or presentation, the subject in question receives global and local reference that is not influenced by narrow vision or prejudice.


We dare to say things the opposite way - as every forum member's opinion is acceptable, discussions sometimes lead to breakthroughs. For example, "Dirty Bomb" terrorism that is common in most countries of the world is very unlikely, according to the forum. This is in stark contrast to the prevailing opinion in the security world.


We rely on real life experience sources and not just research and theory - some

members of the forum have real life experience - people who were in real-time nuclear incidents. When we look at a professional subject, the members with the experience challenge us in the reality they have experienced.


Most importantly - we really enjoy what we do?

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