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Interactive Newsletter


Interactive NEWSLETTER for you

The World Nuclear Forum 193's interactive NEWSLETTER comes out once a week. The Scientific committee concentrates, refines and sorts for you only the important and significant knowledge that is published around the globe about nuclear and radiology. The team scans hundreds of articles and pieces of information for you to refine and reduce your weekly reading time.

Most important, keep you up to date on the knowledge front in the cutting edge with No interest except yours!

In it you can find among others:
- Jobs
- Projects
- Scientific breakthroughs
- Emergency messages
- Products, Services and Equipment reviews
- Announcements of opening, freezing or closing Nuclear power plants (NPP)
And the like

Interactive for you:
Also, Newsletter's mission is to be a sharing platform for you, so you can submit topics that you would like to receive references and responses from around the globe by international and local experts on the specific topic required.

Newsletter registration
please send mail with your name to:

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